Dausey-headed, Grimthorpe *


Sally Prue said…
Oh, for the story of the original Grimethorpe!
Actually, I bet it was Mrs Grimethorpe who was at the bottom of it all. Some soft southerner, most probably, with more money than sense.
Jingles said…
It looks like the Mrs. was innocent - this time!
According to Wikipedia, the name comes from the title of Sir Edmund Beckett, 1st Baron Grimthorpe.

..." He was also responsible for rebuilding the west front, roof, and transept windows of St Albans Cathedral at his own expense. Although the building had been in need of repair, popular opinion at the time held that he had changed the cathedral's character, even inspiring the creation and temporary popularity of the verb "to grimthorpe", meaning to carry out unsympathetic restorations of ancient buildings."

Sir Edmund Beckett info here.

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