Brigous, Wlatsome *

BRIGOUS is on the new website HERE



Sally Prue said…
A word beginning WL?
Oh joy!
Hey, but I'm going to have to practise before I try saying it in public.
Jingles said…
Fortunately, that w isn't pronounced, so it's a lot easier to get around the tongue!
To keep you in that joyous mood, here's the verb form!
Wlate - to loathe or abhor; to disgust.

I've got more 'wl-' beauties coming!
Sally Prue said…
Not pronounced? Not even backwards, as in the Inverness pronunciation of what?
So I wonder why it's there, then.
Do you think anyone would notice if I said it lwate, anyway?
Jingles said…
I think they would be delighted to hear it! Me included! :)

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