Hommocks *


Sally Prue said…
That one's still in use in Southern England, though in the singular, as in 'get out of the way, you great hommock'. It's used probably more often of a male than a female, though.
Hugely satisfying to say it is, too.
Jingles said…
I enjoy saying it!
It's good to know it's still in use.

I do have the word 'hommock' - I probably should have added it at the same time!
It has various meanings:
- an awkward clumsy person - as you mentioned!
- a heap
- a large piece or slice
- an untidy mess

It's also used as a verb:
- to walk with a clumsy, shambling gait, to hobble
- to huddle, heap together

It's a very versatile word!

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