Acreophagist *


I love this, as an almost complete akreophagist myself! It's so fun that I learn Greek words i've never heard before with your posts. Cataglottism is still my favorite! (I may have the English version wrong but the Greek one has been imprinted in my memory!)
Jingles said…
Hey Evi!
I'm delighted you're able to learn new words here!
I think of you every time I do a word with Greek etymology, and wonder if you have heard it!
You can also use creophagist - a person who eats meat.
You got cataglottism correct - it is a wonderful word, and I can see why it's a favourite!
You might like this one I did the other day - axiopistical - trustworthy. Though it sounds more sinister than that to me! :)
We use axiopistos in modern Greek and it means just that!

Sorry about the 'k' in acreophagist, I got carried away because of its Greekness!

On that meaty note, the Greek equivalent of the English adjective "carnivorous" is "sarcophagos" but the same word is the one that is used in English (and in Greek as a noun): "sarcophagus" to mean that ... type of coffin. Sarcophagus means eating flesh.

Jingles said…
Akreophagist isn't wrong - it's a variant spelling. So keep on 'Greeking'! :)

I do have sarcophagous coming up one day. Also sarcophagist - as a meat eater. And others!

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