Frab *


Sally Prue said…
'By the author of Mary Barton.' So even Elizabeth Gaskell couldn't live by her name!
Frab is unexpected. I suppose it must be a contranym when you take frabjous into account.
Jingles said…
I've been surprised at how many books I've come across with the authorship shown as 'by the author of.'
I usually put the name in, but forgot this time, so thank you Sally!
I read up a wee bit on "Ruth" and it appears it dealt with seduction and illegitimacy. It seems it was prohibited in her own home, and some friends even burnt their copies.
Perhaps that is why she never used her name in this instance?

Ah, frabjous, one of the delightful words coined by Mr. Carroll! It is indeed of opposite meaning to frab.
Nice word there Sally, contranym!

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