No posts for a day or so!

I have been a tad busy of late, and I've now used up all my scheduled posts.
But will be right back at it pronto.

I'm also going to be moving away from Blogger, as it's got to the point where my pages are getting too long and are taking forever to publish/load. Sadly, Blogger only allows for 20 static pages, and I've already got 3 blogs going to make up this one - really don't feel like switching back and forth with yet another one! So it's time for something new! Onwards and upwards!! 
I will let you know when and where when the time comes!

Update - June 22
Sorry for the delay folks, but the new site is nearly ready! I should be adding words again in the next day or so!


Anonymous said…
I've enjoyed your blog. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I've enjoyed it also.
I'll be checking back to see where you're going.
Jingles said…
Thank you for your comments.
There will be a blog on the new website, along with the alphabetical listing of all the words, and the reverse listing.
I'm working on it right now. It will take a while to get all the info on there, but once I have the listings on, I will start the daily postings of words again.
It's just going to take a long time to get all the blog postings done - that will be done over time!
Anonymous said…
What's the hold up J!
Get with it! :)

I'm awaiting your new site with great tirrivee!
See, I do look at your words! :)

- L.
Jingles said…
Haha L! Very clever of you!

I'm busy formatting the word lists now - tis a lot of work.
I wish there was an easy way to get all the blog posts on the new site, but sigh, I have to do it one by one.
Oh well, lots of them need updating anyway with examples, etc. It's just going to take forever and a day, so I will do it bit by bit interspersed with new postings.
You really didn't want to know all that did you?! :)
Jingles said…
The new site is up and running, but it still needs a bit of work.
However, do feel free to look around.
There are some blog posts, but they're words I've done before.